Angry birds in Minecraft for minecraft

January 22, 2023

Angry birds in Minecraft for minecraft

We all are crazy about Angry Birds and will now find them land in the Minecraft world too. Download Angry Birds Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 and enjoy their company in your Minecraft game. Now use these explosive birds to kill those annoying pigs or blow up houses of those nasty villager's. The update that followed also adds ice bird, orange bird and this will make the game even more interesting.

The Mod Update for Angry Birds 1.2.5 include some major bug fixing. For example, the orange and ice bird were not dispensing properly and this has been fixed. The ice bird has been added and this will help you freeze those blocks. A crafting recipe has been added for the new world. The pigs can now take more fall damage. Several small bugs too have been taken care of with this new update. Players are really appreciating and enjoying minecraft with this Angry Birds mod and the update.

Installing steps are easy for the Angry Birds 1.2.5 Mod First, download and install ModLoader and then download the Angry Birds 1.2.5 Mod. Now type %appdata% and navigate to the .minecraft /bin and open Minecraft.jar. Drag the mod loader files and the mod files over. That's it! It is very simple to install. Enjoy the game with those angry birds now.

There is even a Angry Birds Texture Pack for the game that needs to be zipped down in ZIP file format and should not be unzipped. You can also follow instructions to make your own custom texture pack. The texture pack will make a world of difference to your game. Enjoy playing with those angry birds in your minecraft world and make the game much more exciting.