AMD Noise Supression arrives to Challenge RTX Voice

Every PC gamer who has used a custom-weighted mouse with 20,000 DPI knows that communication is crucial in multiplayer games. AMD wants to make it easier to understand your game audio while you use a microphone in-game. AMD Noise Suppression can intelligently use your graphics card’s background noise to block out any noises from your environment like air conditioners or your own speakers. This new power can be used to say “gee gee GTFO” or other similar phrases.

The new system is a competitor to Nvidia’s RTX Voice feature, now part of the Nvidia Broadcast suite. It accomplishes more or less the exact same thing. The AMD Noise Suppression feature doesn’t just apply to in-game communication, despite its association with gaming and the use either a Ryzen 5500+ CPU or Radeon RX 6600+ GPU. Once the driver is configured, it will work with any app that uses voice input. This includes Zoom, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Discord and other apps that use voice input.

The Adrenalin 22.7.1 driver updates also include notable OpenGL improvements. AMD claims that these improvements can improve performance in games such as Minecraft by up to 90% on some RX6000 cards. Radeon Super Resolution (the older standard and not the more impressive FSR2) now works on notebooks with discrete RX5000 and RX6000 cards in hybrid graphics setups. It also works for borderless fullscreen mode. The latest Adrenalin driver package can be downloaded here.