Mo’ Blades Mod for Minecraft

Get ready for some more advanced battle craft once you install Mo’ Blades Mod, an amazing mod. Now you can craft a controllable NPC’s that helps to fight the enemies and focuses on different exercise functions of soldier, one can pick from various soldier classes according to their preferences. Progress to an advanced degrees of […]

Using fishing rods on villagers?

I built a railroad from my home to a village a few hundred blocks away (it’s quite impressive, I’m proud of it) to make trading with villagers easy. Today I had the idea of kidnapping a nitwit and making him a farmer at my house. I was wondering if fishing rods can be used to […]

Zero tick farms?

We were making a lot of farms lately and it started to affect server performance. So I’ve got a quick question which I found no answer to while googling. How does a zero tick farm effects the performance of a regular Minecraft server. And more importantly, are the common zero tick farms (sugar cane for […]

Minecraft protection?

I have been making a guardian farm and recently I died and lost all my stuff to the guardians. I was just wondering what type of protection would help the most against guardians. I was thinking about bringing some buckets of milk and invisibility potions. I’ve’ been trying to make good Guardian farm for awhile […]