Mincraft JNI errors

December 26, 2022

Mincraft JNI errors

Minecraft 1.17 has been released, as many Minecraft fans know. The highly anticipated update included a multitude of new features including mobs and blocks, items and achievements.

Minecraft 1.17 server software relies on Java 16 (not the previous versions) to function properly. Most commonly, the Java version on the machine is outdated and causes the JNI error when setting up Minecraft servers.

It's simple enough to fix the problem by simply updating Java. It will take only a few seconds and all of the steps will be explained in detail below.

What is the reason players get a JNI Error when trying to set up a Minecraft Server?

Older versions of Java were compatible with previous versions of Minecraft server software. The latest Minecraft 1.17 update does not support older Java versions.

This is why players who have successfully run Minecraft servers in the past with older versions may now be seeing this error upon trying to set up a 1.17 server.

How can players correct the JNI Error

The JNI error can usually be corrected by simply updating Java on your device to the most recent release. It's Java 16.

To install Java 16, players can follow these steps:

Step 1.

First, download the Java 16 installer. This can be done by visiting the official Oracle site. Oracle is the originator of Java. Direct downloads for Java 16 are available here.

The player can choose the right download depending on whether they're on a Mac or Windows machine. As shown in the below image, the majority of Windows users will download the file ending in.exe.

Step 2.

Once players have successfully downloaded the Java 16 installer, they will need to install it on their computer. You can initiate this process by double-clicking on the executable file. The installer will then make any necessary changes.

Step 3.

Once the installer is launched, it's easy to move on. The installer will take care of the rest. Players simply need to hit the “next” button a few more times.

After the installation is complete, players will be presented with the following message. Now that the JNI error has been fixed, players can launch 1.17 Minecraft server software.