MineGen (v0.6.0) for minecraft

December 4, 2022

MineGen (v0.6.0) for minecraft

SSP/SMP is meant to make modding fast and fun you are talking of just plain creativity with this amazing mod with no knowledge of java needed. Minegen mod makes it very simple to show off your modding skills in the minecraft game. Now you can entirely do away with the random spells and allows you to decide what you want. But make sure to download the latest version.


Here is what you can do with MineGen

• Create a new tool
• Make a smelting resource
• Create a block
• Create a recipe
• Create an item
• Create a food

You can change:

• block id
• hardness
• game name
• trap sound
• light namer
• texture name
• material type
• name of block class

You can customize up to 9 different blocks and choose product of crafting.

Future Goals

• Game like atmosphere
• More interactive environment
• Smart village creation
• Custom word types
• Dungeons
• Armor creation
• Bow and arrow creation
• Smart entity creation

Installation Steps

The installation steps are easy to follow.

1. First you need to decompile minecraft with forge.
2. Generate java files using mod maker.
3. Place java files in src/minecraft/net/ minecraft/src
4. Recompile and enjoy