Mo’ Blades Mod for Minecraft

December 1, 2022

Mo’ Blades Mod for Minecraft

Get ready for some more advanced battle craft once you install Mo' Blades Mod, an amazing mod. Now you can craft a controllable NPC's that helps to fight the enemies and focuses on different exercise functions of soldier, one can pick from various soldier classes according to their preferences. Progress to an advanced degrees of strength and defense with these soldiers that gain experience and expertise with every battle. These soldiers can be customized. One can decide upon their eyes, skin, hair or helmet. Download this mod to add new and more powerful weapons to your Minecraft world. Although these additions can steal the might of the mighty diamond sword, but these blades are not that easy to craft.


• Adds 2 armors and 11 swords along with 2 mobs
• You also get 10 crafting items plus 4 ores
• 5 New Biomes
• 125 New Weapons
• 150 Diamonds

There are my Mysterious Woods, Badlands, Marshes, alps and forgotten forests. There are 4 different kinds of potion, Wither, Poison, Slowness and Weakness.

Installation Steps

Follow these simpler instruction to get an easier way to install Mo' Blades Mod.

1. The first step is to download Forge Modloader.
2. Download my Mod.
3. Now, you need to unarchive your minecraft.jar.
4. Place the Forge Modloader Files into minecraft.jar
5. Run Minecraft.
6. Drag Mo' Blades Folder as well as the Items Folder into Minecraft.jar.
7. Close installer and start your minecraft
7. Get ready to enjoy the mod!

Some tips to keep in mind are that you will need Minecraft Forge and all class files from the ZIP need to go in the minecraft.jar. Do remember to delete META-INF.

Once you install this mod, you get a much more extensive inventory for much more fun. Getting these new weapons is a good addition to the game.