Zk’s Mod Crafter for Minecraft

October 9, 2022

Zk’s Mod Crafter for Minecraft

Zk's Mod Crafter is an online tool for mod creation. Earlier it used to be a downloadable program, but now one can create mods online and without coding. And it is pretty simple to use this mod when creating. One simply ticks and customizes the mod and then download the .zip file. All one needs to do is then follow the online instructions to complete the mod creation. Now anyone, anywhere can create Minecraft mods where ever they are and according to their needs.


Mane use of Zk's Mod Crafter to build a custom block with your own variables

• name your block and pick recipe with 9 different items
• pick the kind of material
• give a unique block id
• give an exclusive dropped block id with the number of items in one drop
• give block texture
• modify block properties such as resistance, hardness, light level, light opacity
• hide and enable custom blocks whenever you want
• add the block to the creative tab to get faster access to the block
• Make a new item, armor, or weapon

Upcoming Features

• Registration
• Mod editing. after creation

One can expect some more updates on ZK's Mod Crafter soon.

Installation Steps

You need to download and install MCP and follow the given instructions to install the ZK's Mod Crafter.

1. Navigate to the Start Menu
2. Now type in %appdata% and look for minecraft
3. Move to the minecraft.jar and open with a program for extraction such as WinRAR
4. Download the ZK's Mod Crafter file
5. Run minecraft
6. Get ready to play

ZK's Mod Crafter has been developed by ZK's Mod Crafter and one of the most popular versions of this product is 1.0.