Best Minecraft Texture

The Minecraft 1.17 caves update is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to look at the best texture packs for the 1.16 era. Different purposes can be served by texture packs in Minecraft. Some texture packs are specifically designed to be used on Minecraft Servers. Others are made to match a specific aesthetic. […]

Minecraft Maps

How to create a Minecraft map There are two ways to create a Minecraft map: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. You can create a Minecraft map in Java by placing a Compass around 8 pieces of paper on a Crafting table. You will need 9 pieces of paper for Bedrock. One per tile is required […]

Mincraft JNI errors

Minecraft 1.17 has been released, as many Minecraft fans know. The highly anticipated update included a multitude of new features including mobs and blocks, items and achievements. Minecraft 1.17 server software relies on Java 16 (not the previous versions) to function properly. Most commonly, the Java version on the machine is outdated and causes the […]

Odd Mobs 6

Are you bored of your minecraft world and are looking for something interesting to happen or add? Then you are looking for Odd Mobs 6 that can help you to add a lot of new mobs to your game. What you will find interesting about the mod is that all the creatures in the mod […]

MineGen (v0.6.0) for minecraft

SSP/SMP is meant to make modding fast and fun you are talking of just plain creativity with this amazing mod with no knowledge of java needed. Minegen mod makes it very simple to show off your modding skills in the minecraft game. Now you can entirely do away with the random spells and allows you […]